Pal Bhar Chaahunga Reprise Lyrics

Voice:Mithoon Feat Arijit Singh,

Movie: Half Girlfriend

Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir,

Music Director:Mithoon, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On “Pal Bhar”, Madhav expresses his fondness for Riya. He affirms that no matter what, he would still love her under any circumstances.

If he doesn’t think of her even for a moment, his heartbeat craves for her presence.  And, when he looks at her, even his moist eyes begin to smile gently.

WORD – Sochu – To think of, Tarasne – Crave for, Nam – Damp, Pal – Moment, Haule - Gently.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

He believes that their hearts will merge the day after. And, when that happens, even if their condition worsens.

Even if they split up, he will come to meet her on a canopied boat during a moonlit night. In order to relive those memories. Suggesting that he would travel across distances to relive those special moments.

WORD – Sanam – Beloved, Halaat – Condition, Bichhad – Split, Shikare – Decorated boat, Mel – Merge.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Madhav is prepared to surrender his life for the sake of love. And, he would still love Riya anyway. Under any circumstance whatsoever.

 WORD – Chahat – Affection, Chaahunga – To love passionately.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Earlier he was a different person altogether. And, she is the one who helped him flourish and grow into the person that he is today. 

Now all the love that he holds within him, they all belong to her. He wishes to add colour to her life and make her happy.

WORD – Nikhara –Flourish/Prosper, Pyaara – Lovely, Rang - Colour.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

But he realizes this will end one day. Tomorrow when he is no longer besides her, when her hands would no longer be present for him to hold.

When she would bid him goodbye and their love would remain incomplete-  He would grab some of those uncompleted moments and adorn the city of his heart.

WORD – Alvida – Goodbye, Adhura – Incomplete, Lamhe – Moments, Sheher – City


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