Poora Ka Poora Aakash Lyrics

Voice:Naseeruddin Shah,

Movie: Dus Kahaniyaan

Lyrics: Gulzar,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Scanning the entirety of the vast skies, I saw my game plan

By placing the bright sun in the dark box, perhaps you thought

That all my pawns will get defeated

I lit a lamp and found my way out

Gulzar in an interview to scroll. in- “As a poet, I think I write intelligently, but I’m not an intellectual. The poetry is always churning in my mind, and I jot it down. I don’t need any special conditions in order to produce my work. I can write anywhere, because just as life goes on all the time, this process of thinking and writing goes on alongside it”

Dohaz lyrics meaning

You took an ocean in your hands and thrust it upon me

I placed Noah’s boat upon it

You moved the piece of death and turned to look at me

I learned to break free from death and live in the moment

Gulzar references Noah’s ark in this verse. It’s a ship by which God saves Noah, his family, and a remainder of all the worlds animals from the flood. It is believed that it took Noah, 100 years to build this majestic ark

The poet believes that an escape is possible even in the hardest situation. The whole poem reeks of optimism even in the face of death. At every step that could be perceived as his defeat, the poet finds a way to salvage what’s important to him

Dohaz lyrics meaning

You tried to wipe away my existence with a few miracles

My mere pawn conquered your moonlike piece

You thought declaring the checkmate of death 

Would result in my defeat

I took off the shell that is my body and handed it over

And saved my soul instead

TRIVIA- Hindi is one of the seven languages in India which can be used to make web addresses

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Scanning the entirety of the vast skies, now you look for your game plan

TRIvia-Speaking of the SKY, during the day time it appears blue because air disperses blue sunlight a lot more than red.  In fact the sky can turn into various colors such as orange, purple, yellow and red


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