Qadam usi mod par Lyrics

Voice:Original by Gulzar,

Movie: Independent Poetry

Lyrics: Gulzar,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

My feet still stuck on that road bend

Gathering together my curious eyes, I stand here

The passion forces me to look back

My ego asks me to turn sharply from this road

CONTEXT- Gulzar talks about the dilemma a lover is going through. On one hand, he wants to wait for his beloved on the bend of that road while on the other his pride asks him to take a separate route. He is not able to take his eyes away from that road, his conscience constantly asking him to look back. Both the lovers yearn for each other but none of them are ready to swallow their pride

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Although my feelings call out to me

From behind an open window, two eyes peep out

She seems to be awake waiting for me

Somewhere in the corner of her heart, there must be pain

She persists that I ought to invite her

I insist that she calls me

WORD- Agarche-Although. Takaza- Insist/Demand


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