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Movie: Independent Track

Lyrics: Naezy,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The ways of life are tough. But I got on my side

Faith and belief. I also have Nikhil by my side

My atheist buddy yet a friend who believes

The only true friend amongst all the two faced people here

Stop me if you want, but I have people on my side

Chetu, Amanpreet, Bob churi DJ neet

These guys are special, note down their names

And if you ever see them pass by, make sure you salute them

CONTEXT- Rapper, Naezy having lived in the ghettos of Kurla, has experienced a lot and brings to us the harsh reality of the life. Apart from his close friends, Naezy had no support from anyone in his early days, which ultimately meant he had to pave the path of success by himself. Today he is one of the best wordsmiths around the country

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I rarely find people who think like me

I am calm even when things seem good. My eyes well up

No scarcity of words, there are no tears in my eyes

Now there’s only fire in these eyes, corruption all around us

The government is hopeless and the innocent turn into victims

The culprit is running free because the authority around here is illiterate

Rape taking place every day, the ones on the chair are a hypocritical bunch

Women are hunted here, it’s not a safe place to live anymore

Who do I go to for answers, who do I ask these questions to?

Where do I go and ease this burden of my heart?

I spit a few bars on these issues. You should do something too

WORD- Makkaar - Hypocritical. Faraar- On the loose. Bhadaas- Burden

CONTEXT- Naezy says people like him are hard to come by. He is calm even when he feels spirited. Because he realizes that there is a lot more to be done in order to drown the voices of the haters. More importantly he is on a mission. A mission to put an end to the mediocrity that surrounds him and replace it with greatness

Dohaz lyrics meaning

All my life I’ve had a snake on my sleeve.

Washed away the stains and now it’s clean

Crossed these roads filled with secrets and stories.

But never stopped for love

Made a pit stop only for my brothers.Never lied and never bowed down to anyone

Left home, survived heartbreak, got right back up after I fell

Got up then and there, everyone better listen to this right now

All the hard work will bear fruit. Someday. Lord will have mercy on us. Someday

All the hardships will be erased. Someday. You’ll be freed from these spineless relations eventually

And that day we’ll be rocking expensive clothes and speeding in amazing cars

Poor guys will be working tirelessly, all these rappers will be bald. Someday

WORD- Busdil - Coward, Rehmat - Mercy

TRIVIA- Eminem’s track, Rap God has a verse in which the rapper spits 97 words in 15 seconds. That’s 6.5 words per second. He entered the Guinness World Book of records for that track. In this song’s last verse, Naezy spits 107 words in 24 seconds, that’s an impressive 4.5 words per second

Dohaz lyrics meaning

That day is not far, you better hear me when I say it

We are rappers not some idiots. A skillful bunch as well

But Uncle, you did not pay heed to what I had to say.

You kept telling me that I’m crazy

You mocked me but I couldn’t care less

You said I am crazy. I will have to show you my worth

If I lose my mind, your life will hang in the balance

Yeah I am whacked out so you better move to the side

You might get trapped in this maze if I ever lose my mind

You’ll be turned into biscuits and your limbs will shatter

I don’t care who all you get along with in Matunga

Will cut you in pieces, sort them and feed it to the dogs


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