Sachin Sachin Lyrics

Voice:Sukhwinder Singh, Kaly,

Movie: Sachin A Billion Dreams

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil,

Music Director:A R Rahman, Times Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The track, “Sachin Sachin”, pays tribute to the legendary cricketer and how his dreams ultimately took shape, despite his initial struggle.

The night could be thick and dark but light ultimately rests on your hands. When your dreams are not yet accomplished, how can you possibly sleep at night?

FACT- Ghaneri – Thick, Ujaala- Light, Adhoora- Incomplete.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Now you’ve played only half the sport and your wounds are still fresh. It’s time to satisfy your heart’s wishes and dreams. Your courageous resolutions and desires will ultimately reach its destination.

WORD- Baazi- Sport, Taazi – Fresh, Raazi – Satisfy, Hauslon – Resolutions/Courage.

FACT- Sachin Tendulkar’s first car was a Maruti 800. This was the first ever edition of the Maruti car that was launched in India. (Image - Indian Express)

Dohaz lyrics meaning

You can change the direction that the winds blow towards, whatever happens. Suggesting that one can change their destiny through hard work and persistence. 

Time will take care of the rest. When it has to happen, it will. Time is your friend.

WORD- Dishayein – Direction, Mod – Turn, Waqt – Time.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Time will take you ahead. A new morning has risen up for you and you’ve tied yourself to a new tomorrow – which will be better. Your courageous resolutions and desires will ultimately reach its destination.

WORD – Dhaage – Strings.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Unlike a lot of people, Sachin didn’t start playing cricket to merely appear on newspaper headlines. The vision he had, was for the people of this country – To make India a giant in the game of cricket.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

This verse in inspired by one of Banksy’s street art – a world famous graffiti artist. Sachin isn’t defined by his medals. 

Instead he wants to be left alone so that he can hone his skills and make a permanent impact on the game.


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