Sadda Move Song Lyrics

Voice:Diljit Dosanjh, Pardeep Singh Sran, Raftaar,

Movie: Raabta

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya, Irshad Kamil,

Music Director:Pritam, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Sadda Move urges the audience to listen to some “desi” rap. He says, the world map is in his pocket, suggesting that he feels like the king of the world. 

He’s confident the women would move their waists to this track and urges the audience to clap along.

WORD- Badshaho- a commonly used phrase in Punjabi when addressing someone with love and affection and also to give respect, Pind- Village, Lakk – Waist.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

He immediately felt like dancing energetically as his friends played the Tumba. He reckons his lover ought to see his dance moves. It’s his gang’s vintage dance move.

WORD- Sadda- Ours.

FACT- Tumba/Tumbi is a musical instrument traditionally used in the Northern parts of India, especially Punjab. It is a high pitched, single string instrument, made of wood.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

His ways are different from the world, a bit weird at times and he is addicted to such music. His hair sways away with the winds. With amazing friends who are always with him, they all stroll together across the villages and cities.

The whole city of Delhi inspires him to fly high- He loves the city and is in the mood to fool everyone and have a good time.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Now he is confused. Why are his friends mixing bhangra tunes with Bharatanatyam dance steps? But he couldn’t care less. They’re thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

FACT- Bharatanatyam is the oldest dance form that originated in India. It is made up of three aspects- Bha meaning feelings, Ra meaning melody and Ta stands for rhythm. Natyam is the Sanskrit word for dance.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

As he drinks more, it’s almost as if his body starts grooving on its own, slowly his hips move and he starts dancing without any conscious effort. 

He asks the people to check out his moves closely and give him space on the dance floor, so that he can dance freely. 

Today’s evening will be remembered because of his moves. Along with him, his friends too will dance. Eventually his entire gang would copy Shah Rukh Khan’s signature move- with their arms wide open.


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