Shivam Lyrics

Voice:Kaala Bhairava,

Movie: Bahubali 2 The Conclusion

Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir,

Music Director:M M Kreem, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Shivam describes the origins of the story of Bahubali and his kingdom. This story has been born from sacrifices and offerings. The flame that burns ablaze has been lit by vengeance and it has been burning for years.

WORD- Balidaano: Sacrifices, Aahutio: Offerings, Gaatha: Story, Jwala: Fire/flame.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

There is no possible death for a great warrior like him, who’s divine mother has created an immortal being like him. 

He has arrived from the cities of the sky, to take care of the earth, and everywhere he walks, his feet kiss the ground. 

WORD- Mrityu: Death, Janani: Divine Mother, Varnan: Statement/describe, Shrishti: Universe/creation.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Whatever be the fate of the one who is ready to sacrifice himself/herself, they have the ability to save themselves from any danger that they face.

The reason for Bahubali’s fearlessness? the blood that courses through his veins is for the greater good of the people. Bahubali doesn’t fight for himself, he does it for the greater good of this planet.

WORD- Neeyati: Intentions/Fate, Saksham: Able, Nas: Veins, Khaule: Course angrily, Lahu: Blood, Shivam: Ultimate truth and good.


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