Shuruwat Lyrics


Artist: Ikka, Dj Harpz

Lyrics: IKKA,

Music Director:DJ HARPZ, T-Series,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On Shuruwat, Ikka looks back on his hard yet rewarding journey in the music industry. He reckons money and fame, they’re both troublesome. But they’re not written in everyone’s destiny. 

Those who experience pain and hardships in life, the lord always showers upon them, divine blessings. As cliched as it may sound, Ikka points out – only those who work hard, succeed.

WORD- Shohrat- Fame, Zehmar – Pain/Hardships, Rehmat- Divine blessings.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Where should he begin telling his story? Ikka has so much to tell you’ll. From the crowded narrow lanes where he was distressed, these were the same lanes where he was brought up and roamed around in. 

Should he tell you about the abuses he had to endure from his relatives? Or the applause he received for his work? Or the time when he broke down and cried? Or his lyrics with which he won the world’s trust? 

Ikka looks back on the nights when he couldn’t sleep at all. But those were the same nights during which he wrote history using his pen.

FACT- Ikka spits 61 words in 14 seconds on this verse, at an average of 4.35 words per second.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Ikka reckons he’ll start telling you his story from the very beginning. He is a boy from a common household, just like the millions around. From there, he progressed by leaps and bounds. Ikka now keeps his family happy.

WORD- Kar dinn dugne raat chogni – Hindi proverb which means “By leaps and bounds”. To make amazing progress.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Whatever Ikka achieved, he did it solely through his own personal hard work and time. He wasn’t in a position to depend on anyone, or take anyone’s help.

Ikka makes a reference to Eminem’s famous line from his track "Lose Yourself" – Suggesting that we all get just one opportunity. And he has no intention of letting go of that opportunity.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Ikka points out that he is neither inferior or superior to anyone. He is the entire game, not merely a pawn in this chess game. With Shuruwat he truly showcases his skills as a wordsmith.

Being born poor was in his destiny. But if you die poor, then you aren’t really take advantage of this beautiful life.

WORD- Payeda- Pawn in the chess game.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Whatever Ikka does, he does it proudly, without any fear. He doesn’t need to be scared of anyone because he hasn’t played any tricks on anyone. You get what you see from Ikka. 

The success that he has achieved, his father didn’t help him in any way. But when people meet his father, they tell him that he’s truly made his family name (Patiala) proud. 

Ikka gets honest here, to him nothing matters more than his father being proud of his success.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Ikka resolved his troubles by using his troubles as a message in his rhymes. Without waiting for tomorrow, without procrastinating, he did the work today. He put in hours of practice.

He’s worked extremely hard and hasn’t had the time to spend a single moment in rest. Ikka realizes he’s only getting started and has a lot more to achieve.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Ikka accepts that he’s made some mistakes along the way. He’s human after all. But most importantly, he’s learnt from his mistake. 

The Ikka that you see today, it’s all because of his grind in this rap game. He never went out and begged for help. His poverty was his motivation and he accepts that his condition, once upon a time, was miserable.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

But eventually, Ikka surpassed those tough conditions and made a reputation for himself in the music industry. 

The most important aspect? He believed in himself and his skills. Ikka knew that he was meant to fly.  He was fearless and never lost hope despite facing failures early on. 

If he had given up when he began, today he’d be sitting in his dad’s shop. He expresses gratitude for not giving up when the going got tough.

WORD- Maat Di - To surpass.


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