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Voice:Pamela Jain,

Movie: Sarkar Raj

Lyrics: Prashant Pandey ,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

In your eyes, I can faintly see the fine morning rising,

These eyes of mine that were long asleep, have finally awoken,

Now my eyes seem to be adorned with rosy clouds;

In your eyes, I can faintly see this morning rising

TRIVIA- This movie and its sequel is based on Indian Politian, Bal Thackeray and his family. In fact numerous dialogues said by Amitabh Bachchan in the movie are Bala sahebs lines.

Director, Ram Gopal Verma said, “Many of the dialogue from both Sarkar and Sarkar Raj are actually Bala Sahebs lines which I copied from what he said. He actually told me, “Mujhe jo sahi lagta hai main wahi karta hoon”! Which I copied and made Amitji say it”

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The lamps of your eyes glow like a firefly,

And I can see a vast spectrum of colors in the sky,

The reflection of the morning stars waver on water,

While the darkness elevates the features of your eyes;

In your eyes, I can faintly see this morning rising,

FACT- Surmayi is an Urdu word which means dark/black. Here it is used to describe the darkness that precedes the morning sun.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Hiding from the night, slyly slipping in, He’s started coming home

He is brushing past the room of hope,

This rising Sun, these days, has started humming to me;

In your eyes, I can faintly see this morning rising

TRIVIA- “chaubaara” (plural- chaubaro) is a word that is usually used to describe a private room. But not just any private room. It is a word used to depict the rooms of colossal personalities


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