Super Singh Ji Aaye Aa Lyrics

Voice:Traditional Singers,

Movie: Super Singh

Lyrics: Ranbir Singh,

Music Director:Jatinder Shah , Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Super Singh Ji Aaye Aa pays tribute to Singh and his powers. He ties a turban on his head yet looks urban and has the power of 440 volts in him. He isn’t scared of an AK 47 gun, neither a Bazooka, none of them work in front of him. 

WORD- Bann- Tie, Chaar sau challi- 440, Mure- In front of, Santali- 47.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Nobody in the city needs to worry about anything. Super Singh will always be there to their rescue.  

He fights every evil, day and night so that people like us don’t have to worry. Come on sister’s, you don’t have to worry any more, Super Singh Ji is here.

WORD- Fikar- Worry, Pehene- Sister.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

He keeps flying high in the sky, sees the world and all its wonders from up above. Singh fights the bad guys in the ring and hits them hard. 

Such is his fear in their minds, they run away apologizing and beg to be excused. The folks are proud of Super Singh and relieved that he is here at all times. 

WORD- Nazaare- Views ,Taakre- Fight, Vairi- Opponents, Eddi thuk lgande- A commonly used Punjabi phrase which means to run away.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

All the people around, don’t need to worry and fear nothing as Super Singh is here. Sisters, kids and brothers, near and dear ones, everyone can relax and live comfortably. 

WORD- Biba- Oh dear, Bacheyon- Children, Veero- Brothers.


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