Tere Bina Lyrics

Voice:Arijit Singh, Priya Saraiya,

Movie: Haseena Parkar

Lyrics: Priya Saraiya,

Music Director:Sachin Jigar, Saregama Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Tere Bina describes how both the protagonists feel without each other. Like the sky without it’s glorious colours. Like the flowing winds without it’s natural fragrance. 

Like a curtain that has no modesty. Like offering prayers to someone in the absence of blessings. Without each other, they sense an incompleteness. 

WORD – Haya – Modesty, Parda – Curtains, Duaa – Blessings, Sajda – Prayer, Tere Bina - Without You.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Today he’s madly in love with Haseena and hopes that she never leaves him angrily or in disappointment. 

WORD – Chaahun – To love with passion, Rooth – Angry.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Like a body without a soul. Like being in love without fulfilling promises. The both of them sense an emptiness in their lives without each other. 

WORD – Rooh – Soul, Wafa – Fulfilling a promise.


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