Tere Utare Hue Din Lyrics

Voice:Nana Patekar,

Movie: Dus Kahaniyaan

Lyrics: Gulzar,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

The days you once were part of,

They are still hanging around in the lawn

Neither have they grown old, nor has their color faded

All the stitches and seams, intact

The context of this poem is of a man who lost his wife. This is a dedication to his remembrance of her. It indicates how little life has has moved on, and how few are the changes in his routine since she left. Even Nature around him seems to miss her

Dohaz lyrics meaning

On the stone kept right beside the cardamom plant

Shade arrives a little sooner than before

The plant has grown thicker ever so slightly

I keep moving that pot every day, bit by bit

Fakira still makes me my coffee the same way

TRIVIA-The poet makes a reference to cardamom and coffee in this verse. The spice is used to make “gahwa”- an aromatic coffee, which is generally consumed in many Arab countries. It is made using Arabic coffee beans, cardamom and saffron

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I call out to the squirrels and feed them biscuits

Squirrels look at me suspiciously

They must know the smell of your hands, I think

TRIVIA- Squirrels (Gilehrion) are trusting animals, and among the selective few wild animal species which will eat out of a persons hand. They are also the Native American symbol of trust and prudence

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Sometimes when the kite descends from the terrace in the evenings,

Exhausted, tired, it halts for just a bit in the lawn

Melting into the white and pink lemon tree

Just as how ice melts into whiskey

TRIVIA- Actor, Nana Patekar who recites this poem, was conferred with the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Indian Army. Kapil Dev, M.S Dhoni and Malayalam actor Mohan Lal are the others to receive this prestigious rank

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I take off my scarf from the neck for today

Till date I reminisce the days that you were part of

And spend several days wrapped in your scent

TRIVIA- Numerous youth movements around the world have begun with the scarf as a symbol of honor. Having originated around the 1890s, they were worn to prevent sunburn


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