Thodi Der Lyrics

Voice:Farhan Saeed, Shreya Ghoshal,

Movie: Half Girlfriend

Lyrics: Kumaar,

Music Director:Farhan Saeed, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Thodi Der describes the spiritual connection between Madhav and Riya. She compares her heart to a spinning wheel and him as one of the ropes that helps the wheel spin. 

Like the Sufis, they share a spiritual connection that’s unexplainable. And within this spinning wheel, she weaves the dreams that he envisions.

WORD- Charkhe – Spinning wheel, Piroya – Weave, Dori – Rope/String, Khwaab – Dream.

FACT - In Sufism, Spinning Cotton on the wheel is a form of meditation. It dissolves one’s ego and opens the soul to love and freedom. Spinning symbolizes Dhikr – the spiritual exercise that brings one closer to God.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Sleep has now transformed into a kite – Suggesting that her dreams now begin to take flight. Her heart never feels completely content and her eyes don’t seem to get any rest. 

No matter how many times they get to see each other. She wishes she could stop time, but neither of them can.

WORD – Patang – Kite, Dil Bharna – Satisfied, Rajti – Night/Rest, Waqt – Time.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She sings from his perspective. Riya realizes that he wants her to stay for some more time. She might cause him a lot of pain, when she eventually departs but he still wishes for her to stay for a bit longer.

WORD- Thodi Der Aur – Some more time, Soniya – Beloved, Zaailma - A term of endearment for a lover who troubles you, Teher – Stay.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

His days now seem lifeless without her and his nights don’t seem to breathe either. Suggesting that his life seems dull with her not around. 

Everytime Riya engages in coversation with him, it makes him want to express his love. He can’t bear the distances between them and remains distant from his own self.  Madhav hopes to be by her side because only she truly understands his life and his wishes.

WORD- Pehlu – Side, Chahun - To wish for, Hothon - Lips, Baat - Conversation.


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