Tu Hi Hai Lyrics

Voice:Rahul Mishra,

Movie: Half Girlfriend

Lyrics: Laado Suwalka,

Music Director:Rahul Mishra, Zee Music Company,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Tu Hi Hai describes the trust issues between Madhav and Riya. He wonders why she doesn’t trust him? She doesn’t listen to what his heart wishes to express. Riya is oblivious to his feelings.

Without her, he senses loneliness creeping in and he hopes one day she understands his heart’s condition and his situation.

WORD- Yakeen – Trust, Bagair – Without, Tanha – Lonely, Aalam – Condition.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

She realizes that he won’t be able to move on and live without her. His life revolves around her and yet she remains away from him.

Madhav pours his heart out –Riya is the one who turns him insane but she is also the one, who brings a sense of peace to his heart. She is the only one without whom, he can’t live at ease. He’s come too far to lose her now.

WORD- Tu Hi Hai – You’re the one, Junoon – Madness, Sukoon – Peace, Judaa- Away/Seperate.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Madhav’s eyes now relive those evenings they spent together. He hopes to engage in those same conversations once again. 

The nervous tension they shared initially in their relationship, he hopes that it continues. His heart can then heave a sigh of relief.

WORD- Shaamein – Evenings, Bechainiyon – Nervousness, Silsile – Continue, Aaahein Bharein – Sigh of relief.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Not asking for much, he’s content with the little things in life. Hoping that Riya once again gives him the life, they once cherished together.

He asks her to come closer because the distances between them have now surrounded him and he feels trapped.

WORD- Zyaada – A lot, Nazdeek – Near, Faasle – Distance, Ghaire – Surround, Zindagi – Life.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Madhav’s eyes accept what he looks at and the situation he’s in. But he prays for one thing – That he shouldn’t have any desire to see her, once they separate. But he ensures, he will always wish and pray for her wellbeing.

WORD- Qubool – Accept, Dua – Wish/Prayers, Deedar – Appearance, Talab – Desire.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Eventually, he realizes that one day he’ll have to distance himself from her life and her way.

But he reckons this would not be possible – Also understanding that he will have to forget her at all costs, if he wishes to move on.

WORD- Raahon – Ways/Paths, Mumkin – Possible, Bhoolna – Forget.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

That world that exists beyond love – his heart wishes to travel there. The little that remains of Riya’s memories within him, he wishes to be liberated from all those sweet moments. Madhav bids his final goodbye.

WORD- Jahaan – World, Riha – Release/Liberated, Alvida – Goodbye, Khushbuoon - Sweet/Fragrant.


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