Uljhi Uljhi Lyrics

Voice:Arijit Datta,

Movie: Filmistaan

Lyrics: Arijit Datta,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Complex, complicated knots have untied themselves.

There is a ticklish vibe that exists in these winds

These unexplainable bursts of laughter, Oh, without any reason

Appreciate conversations; this is the nature of friendship

Embrace life with open arms

TRIVIA- The movie won the National film award for “Best Feature Film” in 2012. The film was also screened internationally in countries like U.S.A, Norway and Sweden

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Days are quite truthful

Smooth pots of love

They have two wings as well

The mind keeps asking me to wander, far, far away

TRIVIA-Without a pot, water cannot be collected, food cannot be gathered. Without a pot, there is hunger and thirst. The pot represents the source of life on earth


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