Ye Jawaani Teri Lyrics

Voice:Nakash Aziz, Jonita Gandhi,

Movie: Meri Pyaari Bindu

Lyrics: Kausar Munir,

Music Director:Sachin Jigar, YRF Music,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Ye Jawaani Teri pays tribute to Bappi Lahiri’s genre of music – a dance number with a classic 70’s melody undertone. One can see Bappi da’s photo in the background too.

Abhimanyu calls out to Bindu – the girl from Kolkata. He wishes to sing a Bengali Qawalli (a spiritual love song) and asks her for permission. 

A person who couldn’t care any less about this materialistic world, where friendships are bound by other’s opinion. He asks Bindu if he can drop by her home sometime?

WORD- Duniyadaari- Worldly/Material affairs and opinions, Bhad – Go to hell, Yaari – Friendship.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Abhimanyu is a writer and spends his time, writing away in his room. Bindu asks him to open his room’s window and get free. Lyricist, Kausar Munir uses the metaphor of a Firki (The reel with which one controls a kite)

Bindu reckons that he should loosen up the strings that tie him down and fly. She asks him to relax for a bit and at least create an impression on her. She wishes to be completely immersed in joy.

WORD- Dhiil – Relax/Loose, Khidki - Window.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

For the sake of friendship, they both reckon they should get close to one another. Their youth doesn’t let them live in peace. They’re in the prime of their lives.

WORD- Jawaani- Youth, Khaatir – Sake of, Jeene- Live.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bindu suggests they should roam around every street and lane and explore the world. Her life is filled with numerous twists but Its a fun and interesting life.

They’re young and free, she reckons they should tear apart these narrow lanes into pieces. Suggesting that they should have fun and create a ruckus .

WORD- Pechon – Twists, Ladaaye – Filled/Laden, Kuuche – Narrow lane, Parkhachche - Pieces/smithereens.

FACT- One can spot the Kolkata trams in the video. The oldest operating tram in Asia, which began running from way back in 1902.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Abhimanyu jokingly recommends that he and Bindu should begin spreading rumours about their relationship. 

He sarcastically suggests that they ought to shame their family members. Suggesting that their families won’t really like them being in a relationship.

WORD- Afwaahe – Rumours, Naako ko kataaye – Hindi proverb meaning “to shame/embarrass someone”.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Bindu is open to being termed notorious and they don’t mind their names getting tarnished. After all what is youth? 

If it isn’t spent having a little bit of wicked and carless fun. They’re the type of friends who meet each other in the middle of the night.

WORD – Badnami- Notorious, Ayyashi – Careless Fun, Aadhi raat – middle of the night, Saathi – Companion.


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