Zindagi Lyrics

Voice:Ranjit Barot,

Movie: Shaitan

Lyrics: K.S.Krishnan, Sanjeev Sharma,

Music Director:Prashant Pillai,Amar Mohile, Ranjit Barot,Anupam Roy,

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Till about yesterday, I was self content,

I was a master of my own will; Oh life!

I was detached from your meaningless norms,

I was upset with your unfriendly pacts

TRIVIA- director of the movie, Bejoy Nambiar is currently working on a film titled- “Wazir”- which means “Minister”. Wazir is also a fairy chess piece that can move like a rook but the Wazir can reach every square on the chess board. However the Wazir on its own is considered a weak piece but is very effective when combined with other pieces.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

In my intentions, in my desires,

There were stormy turbulences;

In my thoughts, in my notions,

There was Satan

TRIVIA -According to the Quran- Allah asked all of the angels to bow down before ADAM (the 1st human and 1st messenger on Earth); Iblis (Arabic name for the devil) refused to obey God’s command. As a result he was forced out of heaven.

Dohaz lyrics meaning

Falling only after giving a fight,

That is your flamboyance!

I am happy with your never-say-die attitude,

I’m your toy,

You have won, I have lost!

You struck me with a masterful move,

And totally destroyed my ego

Dohaz lyrics meaning

I have surrendered, just for you!

In my thoughts, in my ideas,

There was Satan

TRIVIA- Singer, Ranjit Barot who is a supremely talented drummer has a Grammy nomination to his name for his work with English guitar legend, John McLaughlin on the album “Floating points”


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