Ah yeh duniya ek dikhawat hai

Yaha har cheez mei milawat hai

Shaadi hove toh dawat hai

Yaha sabka bhala hoga yeh sirf ek kahawat haa

Sahi hai teko lage lekin aisa woh nai hai

Dudh mei nimbu nichode toh banjata dahi hai

Sarkar apni badli lekin halate wahi hai

ache din aayenge aisa kuch shot nai hai

This world is just a sham

There’s dishonesty in everything

There will be a feast if there is a wedding

Everyone will benefit out here, now that’s just a saying

You might feel all this is right, but it’s not the truth

If you squeeze some lemon in milk you will get curd out of it

The government has changed but the situations the same

Better days will be here, this aint true

CONTEXT- Emiway points out that the political parties governing the country have changed. But the people at the ground level haven’t benefited from this in anyway. India currently has a population of 1.25 billion. Out of this, 300 million live in poverty as per the World Bank- 2016. It’s a long road ahead