aisa kuch shot nai hai

Ameer baap ka beta mei, Aisa kuch shot nai hai

Meri zindagi maze mei , Aisa kuch shot nai hai

Chote teri agli meri , Aisa kuch shot nai hai

Har baat pe kahu mei , Aisa kuch shot nai hai

Nothing of this is true

I am a rich spoiled brat. This aint true

I live a leisurely life. This aint true

Buddy, your next girl is mine. This aint true

I hear these talks and respond- this aint true

CONTEXT- Unlike what some people might think, Emiway has never had it easy. Opportunities were never presented to him on his plate. He had to go out there and get it. He gradually continues to enjoy success with his music but he isn’t lazy and still works hard at his craft to reach a new level